Wet Cells Battery (Wet Cell) 200 AH AND 220 AH 12V

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Index InvaTubular Battery offers a dependable solution for every power backup requirement. Particularly for home and office inverter power solutions. Index Tubular Battery is designed to meet even the high demands of heavy-duty applications. If you want inverter batteries that will give you peace of mind, tubular batteries are the way to go and the Index Inva is Tubular at its very best. Index Tubular Battery offers many advantages over all other competing tubular brands that result in their extra cost, extra performance, and longer life. Top amongst these are; 100% automated curing and charging set-up High charge acceptance due to usage of quality per separator Special paste recipe used. High-quality paste mix for negative plates. More than 95% adherence to PAM vs NAM ratio 99.99% filled weight consistency And many more. Its produced by Exide, the industry’s leading manufacturers of a premium class of automotive and industrial and renewable energy back up batteries.


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